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We offer advice based on an established structured process in financial planning that begins with the question: What is important about money to you? The answer helps us understand the emotions our clients place on wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution. The main areas of advice for our clients are around retirement planning, funding their kids' tertiary education and real estate investment strategies.

Retirement Planning  

Draw up a Plan for life after your regular paycheck ends. Apart from estimating how much capital we need to be free from working for somebody else, we all need to visualize how we will spend our lives without a regular daily routine. These conversations continue between clients and adviser as part of the ongoing relationship.

Investing in your Children 

There are many options for university education but wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to fund overseas higher education for your kids? Consult your adviser who has done just that. There are trade-offs to balance when we consider other big-ticket items in the Plan.

Real Estate Strategies 

Most clients have decisions to make about the home they live in or for acquiring investment properties. Our client offer includes advice in this area for local and overseas strategies. Debt management and liquidity are two critical aspects of planning for your portfolio of real estate.

Other Services for Our Clients

  • Financial literacy for clients and their teenage children though workshops
  • Advice on life and medical insurance through risk specialist partners
  • Career counseling and advice on compensation and benefits
  • Survey of home mortgage market competitiveness
  • Wills and Living Power of Attorney through legal network

The steps for the financial planning process are as follows:  

Investment Vehicles

Our retainer clients open an account on the iFAST online platform for investments in any of the following types of products registered in Singapore:

o Unit Trusts or Mutual Funds  

o Exchange-Traded Funds

o Index Funds                                               

o Direct Bonds

o Direct Shares (SGX & HKEX)

Our clients are typically professionals, who are singles or with families, with a high income earning capacity and with a commitment to save and invest regularly for their lifestyle goals. Our advice is limited to Singapore individual income taxation and for financial products registered in Singapore.

Our fees will be disclosed and agreed with clients during the Discovery Meeting and documented in the Letter of Engagement.

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