You'll Never Walk Alone...


"Our financial planning journey with Roy began in 2008. With a modest sum of money from the sale of our property, my husband and I wanted to find a suitable financial planner to advise us on how we can grow the sum and achieve the goal we had - which was retirement & our children's tertiary education.

Appointing Roy was the biggest positive decision of that year and it is almost 10 years now. We are on the right track with the professional guidance from Roy. There have been times when we would be side-tracked by diversions in our financial journey and Roy has the knack of helping us re-focus our priorities and be steadfast in our ambition.

Throughout the journey we have also gained a friend in him. We have, through the years, been in difficult situations before. One such example was when the sole breadwinner of the family was in between jobs for more than 1 year. Yet, we pulled through. We weathered the storms with the help of Roy's counsel, support and comprehensive advice. We are confident of our future."

The clients who have offered their testimonial of their client experience are quite unique. They invested a lump-sum in a globally diversified portfolio just a few months prior to the October 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The impact to their portfolio was immediate but they nursed the investment throughout the recovery phase. In addition to the original amount, the couple commenced a regular savings plan over the last ten years. Today, they are ready to implement their home upgrade goal from the liquid assets comprising of cash and CPF OA and future proceeds from the sale of the current family home. Their retirement nest egg and the children's university funding are intact and on track. Their commitment to their goals is so strong. It is such a pleasure to meet them twice a year to check-in on their lifestyle goals. The conversation is more than about the portfolio and the returns. The pain of the massive market decline in 2008 did not stop this couple from their belief in their long-term plan. Roy Varghese. April 2018