A Partnership Worth Crowing About


It's been 5 years since i left ipac for the practice i now have. My clients have contributed to the building of rewarding relationships as we share our journey. I trust everyone had a proper break in December to see us through another chapter in our respective stories.

In a reflective mood over the holidays, i re-visited Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which was a part of an Organisational Behaviour course i took as an undergrad. The theory is, that one we take care of our basic needs, we can reach 'Nirvana' or self-actualization. According to Maslow, financial security is fairly low in the scheme of things (under Level 2 -- Safety). There are other needs such a Love (family and relationships) and Self esteem to master before on reaches the pinnacle.

The whole point is that, regardless of age, we should try to achieve what we can in terms of creativity, spirituality and contentment. These may all seem like nebulous terms when compared to the more mundane issues we contend with under the category of Safety, including job security and our health. Having enough money is, and will always be at the back of our minds. With a robust financial plan that has endured some pretty rough times since 2007 for the majority of our clients, the hope is that we have sufficient confidence that we are on tract in achieving financial freedom. our energies should ideally be spent on other aspects of our lives since time is a limited commodity. 

A book my son gave me this Christmas, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-lived, Joyful Life is simply delightful and i recommend it to all, whether you are actively employed or not. It goes through exercises to challenge us in turning work from a chore to a purposeful experience. Perhaps loving our work can get us past the lower levels of Maslow needs.

Looking forward to our conversations at our clients review meetings on what's important to you and how we can continue our partnership at an even higher level.